KJARDELL CO. is a full services lobbying and government relations firm in Alaska currently representing client interests in Oil and Gas, Education, Social Services, Senior Issues, Health Care, Construction and Insurance.

KJardell Co. provides strategic approaches designed for success in Alaska's complex political environment. 

  • Lobbying for Statutory Changes
  • Assistance in Committee Prep
  • Influencing the Appropriations & Budget Process
  • Lobbying the Executive Branch
  • Influencing the Regulatory Process
  • Monitoring and Reporting of Introduced Legislation and Budget Status
  • Grassroots Lobbying and Coalition Building
  • Customized Research Projects



Alaska Builders and Contractors*

Assisted Living Association of Alaska

Alaska State Medical Association*

Alaska Zoo

Access Alaska, Inc.

Airlift Northwest Air Ambulance*

Alaska Urological Institute, PC

City and Borough of Juneau*

Catholic Community Services*

Consumer Data Industry Association*


ExxonMobil Corporation*

Fairbanks Natural Gas

HealthSmart Benefits Solutions, Inc.

Hospital Heath Solutions

Imaging Associates*


LifeMed Air Alaska*


PCA Providers Association*

*Current Clients